18 February 2006

Barter: Share Everything Options

Remember my creative beliefs in 'considering options' and 'sharing everything'?

Twice now, I've heard a story on the BBC World Service about Michael Jospeh of Safari Company in Africa who was facilitating the bartering of cell/mobile telephone airtime.

The example was given of someone who traded telephone airtime for a chicken. Instead of paying 200 shillings for the chicken, the person transferred airtime, on the spot, from his or her telephone account to the account of the chicken owner.

I've not yet been able to find a link to this story at the BBC site, but have contacted them to see if they have more information on this story available online.

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Blogger Jennifer Metz said...

Yes, I wish I could find an online reference to it. The second time I heard it on the radio, I stopped everything and wrote down the details so that I could try to look it up.

Another advantage of exchanging airtime was that people in Africa could circumvent issues with having different types of currency. If they traded in airtime, they didn't lose anything in 'exchange rates'.

Tuesday, 21 February, 2006  

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