11 April 2006

Article on Urban Camping Trend

At the end of March, I received an email from Ariel Brewster, New York City-based reporter for the Columbia News Service, a features wire syndicated by the New York Times Company to over 400 different newspapers in the U.S. and Canada.

Friends-of-friends of hers, Zach Klein along with Paul and Amit, blogged about an urban camping experience they had last summer in Times Square.

She wanted to write about the phenomenon for the feature wire.

Her email said she wanted to interview all of us and, "It seems like you know something about this trend, and have great personal experiences."

So, we had a phone interview and this is the resulting article.

Overall, I'm happy with the way I'm represented.

Maybe it would have been better not to have been interviewed during the 'homesick' part of my journey.

It's realistic, but not really representative of the whole experience.

Unfortunately, my reference to the CouchSurfing Project in the interview showed up in the article as what I am doing, when it's only part of what I'm doing.

Also, www.couchsurfing.com is where "thousands of people in thousands of cities" are sharing home bases around the world.

I'm not sure why the organization was left out of the article ... but ... in any case ... it's very exciting to be at the forefront of a trend!


Published in the Cape Cod Times sports section on 20 April 2006!

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