03 May 2006


A friend of mine teaches organizational behavior to graduate students.

One of his challenges is to get the engineers in his class to wrap their minds around the 'soft science' he is teaching because they are so used to viewing work problems, issues, and maybe the world from a very different, analytical perspective.

Recently he told me that he was going to introduce the story of my urban camping experience into his lesson as an example of how it's possible for someone to 'examine their script' without needing to give up 'their viewpoint'.

He is going to tell them about how I have been examining by housing script this year and reached a point where I was ready to go back to my 'perfect little house'.

As I listened to how he was going to relate the story of my experience to his students, I was struck by how impossible it is for me to put my nomadic experience into words.

I write about it. I talk about it. But I can't completely explain how it feels.

It's something you will only 'know' by doing. The knowledge is in the experience.

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Wednesday, 03 May, 2006  
Blogger Jennifer Metz said...

Amen, Martijn.

Wednesday, 03 May, 2006  

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