10 May 2006

Mosaic Realism

My interest in options, deconstructing and reconstructing, and fragmentation are all related.

I've explored this in my artwork through the use of 'pattern', 'pieces', 'layers', and 'focus'.

The following was a text I made for an exhibit called Extra Parts:

PATTERN is more than just decorative repetition ... life is full of patterns ... weather patterns ... speech patterns ... behavior patterns ... whenever something happens over and over again there is pattern ... pattern is repetition ... or pattern is structure like DNA ... the design that holds fragments or pieces together ...

... everything in life is made up of smaller PIECES ... the cells of the body ... the individuals of a community ... the abstract elements of an idea or memory ... there is a type of mosaic realism where pieces shift ... deconstruct ... reconstruct ... regroup ...

...pieces shift or are stacked up in LAYERS ... viewing the pieces means experiencing a temporary realism ...

... looking at the way things 'really are', it is only possible to FOCUS on one spot ... one piece or one grouping of the pieces ... if one continues to look she sees the peripheral issues ... the connecting pieces ... the related groupings ... no one piece or group is complete ... every grouping of the pieces is temporary ... if the pieces continue to be grouped in the same manner there is pattern ...

My belief in this sort of mosaic realism is why I like to try to be so aware of the perspective I am holding.

The urban camping experience always ensures I am not taking my viewpoint for granted.

Even though it is sometimes uncomfortable, I find that 'introducing uncertainty' is the first step to moving on to another outlook post.

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