01 December 2005

Or Is This Me?

My friend, Sherry, sent me a link to the definition of "urban camping" at Urban Dictionary. She said, "I thought you would find this funny."

1. A form of penance. What one generally does after terminating a long-term relationship in their late twenties or early thirties.

Urban camping involves the acquisition of a small apartment that is sparsely equipped with furniture.

In general, an urban camper should be equipped with no more than, a coffee machine, a juice press, a cot or yoga mat and a radio.

The period of urban camping shall persist until the camper no longer feels guilty about the circumstances of the previous relationship and begins to acquire material possessions for the purposes of impressing others.

2. The state of furnishing of a downtown apartment that causes an Aravopoulos to say "I love what you haven't done with the place".

I was over at Hector's last night and he still doesn't have any furniture. How long is this urban camping phase gonna last?

Source: -g., Aug 21, 2003

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