16 January 2006

FON is a WiFi Revolution

After my last post about my WiFi desires, my friend Bill sent me a link to www.fon.com:
FON is a WiFi revolution.

Our objective: to build a Wifi world.

Our method: to permit all users to synchronize their access points into one: FON.

Pay for connection at home; connect anywhere.

Join the FON movement!
I haven´t read the whole site but it seems like it is a very new ´movement´ and still needs to pick up momentum.

You can join the network as a Linus, Bill or Alien. I relate to the Linus profile ...
We wanna have free connection everywhere. In the street. In bars. In the park. Internationally.

We share our bandwidth with every user that takes the Linus philosophy as their own.

If you join us, you'll have free connection in the whole FON network, even in Bills access points.
... except I don´t yet have bandwidth to share.

Perhaps that will be something to arrange back at home base.

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