19 February 2006

Bartering: Think Big

Tim Phillips wrote an article for the Guardian Unlimited in which he reminds us that Dutch colonial administrator, Peter Minuit bartered $24 of beads for Manhattan in 1626.

The 1 March 2003 article titled, The new global currency, explains that companies have been using bartering techniques for some time.
  • In 1935, Monsanto exchanged saccharin for mackerel in China.

  • In 1972, PepsiCo traded Pepsi for vodka in the Soviet Union.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read the Island at the Centre of the World - the book about the Dutch history of Manhattan - it does clarify some of that mythological Peter Minuit stuff. For example, something that was worth a very small amount to a dutch settler - a hatchet for example - was extraordinarily valuable for the natives; also, most Native tribes felt that they retained the right to hunt, fish, and otherwise use the property that the Europeans were quite clear had been 'sold' to them.
Nothing like a few beheadings-by-hatchet to clear the European mind!

Monday, 20 February, 2006  

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