11 May 2006


I am completing a Masters degree in Discourse and Argumentation Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

I am attracted to the topic partly because I am interested in the meeting ground between different viewpoints.

I've enjoyed the opportunity to take a closer look at the history, theory and practice of how this is accomplished.

Yesterday, G. Thomas Goodnight was our guest lecturer.

He talked about introducing uncertainty when he explained Plato's ancient concept of 'aporia'.

He said that a good argument will give you 'confusion' because confusion leads to reflection.

Post-modern terms from A-D defines aporia as,
"Wonder and amazement before the confusing puzzles and paradoxes of our lives and of the universe. Socrates and the other ancient philosophers tried to evoke the philosophic spirit in young men by awakening their aporia, not by simply providing answers to these puzzles."
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