31 May 2006

May Urban Camping Spots

May's urban camping spots involved a lot of house-sitting, which is my favorite way to be nomadic.

I even like it better than couch-surfing and sleeping in airports!

When my friend, Iris, urban camped in Canada, she said she found it difficult to get used to the energy of each new house.

I, however, love that process!

If I could have lined up the perfect 12-month urban camping spree, it would have been to have had 12 of my friends each pick a different month to go on vacation and then let me stay in their houses while they were away.

This month I stayed 4 nights at my friend Aden's house; 7 nights at Frans' and Phia's house while they were in France; and 20 nights at Johan's house while he was in the Philippines.

Two more months to go!

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