26 May 2006

Music is the Nomad's Seed

When I was in Rotterdam just over a week ago, my friend, Mary, called and excitedly said, "You have to come over and see the new sculpture we just had delivered from Ingrid!"

Ingrid was an art student Mary met over 20 years ago.

After art school, Ingrid went to law school to study international law, specifically the rights of nomadic people.

The sculpture's title is, "Music is the Nomad's Seed."

Sitting on top of a stone pillar taken from a demolished church is a bronze sculpture of a nomadic instrument.

When Mary said that she bought it 12 years ago, I pictured the sculpture traveling around for the past 12 years, but it was actually the logistics of delivery (it's about 300 pounds) that created delays.

The guy who owns the urbancamping.com URL is Jason Schadt. He is a hip hop emcee, producer, video artist and traveler.

From his site, he says,
" What is Urban camping? Well, it is a state of mind.

It is the exploration of culture in an urban setting, reflecting on nature as it is manifested in the city environment.

Urban Camping is collaboration and experience on a global scale.

It is inspiration and focus for all Nomadic Addicts on a musical, spiritual and cultural quest.

It is a place for us to exist in and to build together on a worldwide level."
Visit Jason's MySpace.

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