06 June 2006

More Freegans

On the CouchSurfing.com site, I am a member of the "Alternative ways of living, consuming ..." community. Someone just sent through a link to ...


"A Site Dedicated to Revealing Human Over-Consumption and Waste"

The site contains a lot of content on freeganism.

(Their huge list of resources even includes a site dedicated to "Dumpster Diving for eBay Profits.")

I have also recently found BBC articles on Freegans:

25 May 2006

Freegans 4 May 2006 (presenter Miriam O'Reilly)

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Blogger Jennifer Metz said...

There views on Rent-Free Housing taken from their site:


"Freegans believe that housing is a RIGHT, not a privilege. Just as freegans consider it an atrocity for people to starve while food is thrown away, we are also outraged that people literally freeze to death on the streets while landlords and cities keep buildings boarded up and vacant because they can’t turn a profit on making them available as housing.

Squatters are people who occupy and rehabilitate abandoned, decrepit buildings. Most squatters are freegan. Squatters believe that real human needs are more important than abstract notions of private property, and that those who hold deed to buildings but won’t allow people to live in them, even in places where housing is vitally needed, don’t deserve to own those buildings. In addition to living areas, squatters often convert abandoned buildings into community centers with programs including art activities for children, environmental education, meetings of community organizations, and more."

Wednesday, 05 July, 2006  

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