12 June 2006

Viewpoint: Patience

Thoughts from the weekend:

I often say I am not a patient person because ...

Sometimes patience is judgmental: bigger people putting up with shortcomings of smaller people. But I want to be curious: discovering where others are coming from.

Sometimes patience is fear: avoiding confrontation. But I want to be brave: taking risks to reach out and connect.

Sometimes patience is dishonest: pretending not to mind. But I want to be genuine: knowing myself well enough to say how I feel and where my boundaries lie.

Sometimes patience is lazy: waiting for something to happen. But I want to be energetic: passionate about living life fully.

Sometimes patience is unbalanced: better to give than to receive. But I want to be equal: trying to cultivate equilibrium between people.

Sometimes patience is fickle: kindness runs out. But I want to be consistent: no surprises.

Maybe I am patient. But maybe I am something else.

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