26 November 2006

Your Interests Will Change

The night before I moved back into my house, I was at Karen's house watching Dutch actress Anneke Blok, from the Dutch film Zus & Zo, being interviewed on TV.

(I think it was her. It could also have been Monic Hendrickx, Annet Nieuwenhuyzen, Sylvia Poorta, Halina Reijn, who are also in the film.)

She told the story of how she got burned out and decided to take an acting workshop in the States, just to get away from it all and to find back what she loved about the craft of acting.

She cut loose all of her ties and lived in a town where no one knew her.

She said it became very clear how we think we are the sum total of our career, our possessions, our relationships, etc.

But she experienced a certain core self separate from what had been her surroundings.

This is my experience with the shifting viewing points of urban camping. It feels to me that I live more with who I really am.

In line with this thought, today I came across a quote that my friend, Tricia , gave me in university. It says,
"Follow what you love!

Don't feign to ask what 'they' are looking for out there. Ask what you have inside.

Follow not your interests, which change, but what you are and what you love, which will and should not change."
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Anonymous Martijn van Berkum said...

Jennifer! Just wanted to say I'm so delighted to see you've started your blog again! Keep it going, I really think you have an original story to tell and you are a gifted writer.

Sunday, 26 November, 2006  
Blogger Jennifer Metz said...

You are so kind, Martijn. Thank you very much ... I HAD to start the blog again ... "new material" kept appearing ...

Sunday, 26 November, 2006  

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