07 January 2007

The Effect is Effective

Designed to Affect You Part Two

In his 1988 statement Full Fathom Five, artist, Jeff Koons, describes how the advertising and entertainment industries have effectively adapted these 'design' tools:
Artists somehow develop this moral crisis where we are fearful of being effective in the world.

We set up these inside games; we develop all these aesthetics and all this formalism.

It's a totally ineffective structure which participates not at all in the outside world.

We were the great seducers, we were the great manipulators, and we have given up these intrinsic powers of art - its effectiveness.

The entertainment industry, the advertising industry have taken these tools from the art world and made themselves much more politically potent.

We are really devastated and very impotent right now.

A photographer just working for an advertising company has a platform to be much more politically effective in the world than an artist.
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