12 January 2007

Is Pandora's Box Half Full or Half Empty?

Our profiles in The CouchSurfing Project ask for, "One Amazing Thing I've Seen or Done."

Mine says, "Seeing river dolphins suddenly jump out of the water in Brazil."

The profile of my seventh couchsurfer, Lokesh, says "I saw a Tiger at 10 feet distance...it was the most amazing and overwhelming experience."

He is from New Delhi and is doing his MBA in Spain.

He couchsurfed around the Netherlands when his wait-listed flight back to India did not come through.

When I asked him to type one of his favorite songs into Pandora.com, he said that nothing Hindi was coming up.

I said, "Not even Punjabi MC?" He is the only Indian musician of which I know. I learned of him when I was in India and heard him again on the radio when I was back in Europe.

"Nope," he said. "Not even Punjabi MC."

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