29 March 2006

That Perfect Little House

Recently, Carol emailed me and asked me what I was doing.

I emailed back that I was looking at pictures of my house.

I remember hearing a story about an unhappy someone who went to a wise man asking for advice.

The wise man's solution was that he should slowly over the weeks bring more and more of the farm animals into his house to live with him.

The man did it although he kept coming back to the wise man and asking how in the world this was supposed to help him feel better.

Everything was a huge mess.

The pigs were filthy. The cows were loud. The chickens were scratching the furniture.

After several weeks of this commotion, the wise man's advice was to slowly remove the farm animals from the house.

In the end, when they were all back in the yard, the man came back to the wise man to express gratitude for his new found joy.

He thanked the wise man for giving him this wonderful new outlook on life.

The wise man nodded.

Both of them knew that the only thing that had changed was the man's perspective, his ability to look at things differently.

I can't wait to get back into my house.

My perfect little house.

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