28 March 2006

Sinking and Floating

When I returned house keys to my friend, Colleen, last weekend, she said she had been thinking of the ways I'd been trying to simplify my life.

She wanted to simplify too.

I told her that although I was getting a bit tired of urban camping (four more months to go!), it had been great to change around my whole 'life routine'.

Six months ago, I 'shook up' everything and now it feels like certain things in my life are floating to the top and other things are sinking to the bottom.

I had been holding on pretty tightly to some things.

This year's routine helped me to let go of a lot of those things so that they could naturally move in one direction or the other.

I'm starting to get a better perspective on which routines I want to keep in my life and which ones I don't need anymore.

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