05 February 2006

Details May Be Overrated

When starting this urban camping venture, I remembered back to how refreshing it was to shake loose of my daily routine and get a fresh perspective on life.

It seemed that routines were comfortable and deceptive.

They are comfortable because they are predictable.

They are deceptive because we focus so much on our path that we miss what's going on around us.

I am half-way through my journey and disappointed at how quickly this 'heightened awareness' dissolves.

Whenever I find myself in a new environment, I immediately seek out shortcuts and create new routines!

There is even an aspect of seeking out new routines where I notice FEWER details.

When starting a new house-sitting assignment, I NEVER notice spots on the carpet, scratches on the table, dents in the furniture until I am cleaning to leave.

Then I fret that I must be the cause since I didn't see it before.

When house-sitting for my friend Karen, her cat came in with part of its ear missing.

I thought, "Did that happen on my watch!?!" When Karen returned, she assured me that it had always been that way.

I had not noticed.

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