08 November 2005

The Real Thing

I liked watching CSI when visiting my family in the States.

So, I flipped the show on while urban camping at Carol's house.

I tried to enjoy the show, but this voice in my head kept repeating, "This is SO fake."

My reaction surprised me because I, of course, already knew the show was fake.

Had my many months of not watching TV made the contrast between 'real life' and the 'neat and tidy TV slot life' noticeable to the point of distraction? That idea seemed silly.

Days later, I was further surprised to coincidentally run across a link to an article (rather an 'advertorial') called "Is CSI For Real?" by Paul D. Rosevear that discusses the difference between "forensics and faux-rensics."

The article explains, "The investigator position on TV is an amalgam of a police officer/detective and lab scientist. In reality, this position doesn't exist."

Much closer to reality, the article says, is the show called Forensic Files where each episode looks at real-life cases and the techniques used to solve them.

Real-life cases

My love of creative non-fiction is based on my love of real-life cases.

My desire for mobility and perspective has a 'channel surfing' element to it.

When traveling life in a non-tourist way, I've started hearing people's life stories and it's become difficult to tune out.

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