07 October 2005

August Urban Camping Spots

My August urban camping spots were as follows:

After the CouchSurfing surprise party, I met up with Sharyl, Carol, Claire and Adam for a drink.

Sharyl invited me to camp at her place, which was conveniently just across the street from the pub.

Not long after that, my friend Colleen invited me to camp at her Rotterdam house while she went to a translation seminar in Utrecht for almost two weeks.

My friend Carol let me camp at her house when she went back to Pennsylvania for a family beach week.

She also let me stay at her house several times when she WASN'T out-of-town, during which time she insisted, "That's not urban camping! That's just 'staying over'!"

For the rest of August, I worked and camped in my studio ... and I'm not the only one doing that either.

A recent search on 'urban camping' resulted in another artist type urban camping in his work space.

...oh yeah, almost forgot, Carol and I camped (crashed) one night in Utrecht at Lorraine's house.

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