18 September 2005

Share Everything

When I decided to change directions, options surfaced.

My friend Colleen told me of Samantha who was moving from Boston to start her PhD in Rotterdam.

Sharing my house with Samantha meant that I could get back to my urban camping lifestyle while she could more easily move to a foreign country.

She could dive right into her studies knowing she had an affordable, ready-made place to live.

Then, my friend Hidde called looking for a new studio.

We knew we could work together since we had shared a studio for two years of art school.

Over the summer, they both moved in (after I took a business trip to London and spent my birthday in Wales).

While I'm urban camping this year, Samantha takes care of my things and pays most but not all of the house bills.

Hidde pays half the studio rent and works there during the day from Monday through Friday.

The rest of the time it's mine. If I work there late in the evenings or on the weekends, I will often camp there and use my healthclub as a community bath house.

Sharing everything frees up money, but also another resource: time.

This urban camping venture would force me to spend more time in my studio and healthclub, just two of the many places I want to be.

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