15 September 2005

Fast Forward

A month after the cool summer house of July 2004, I took two more trips and then I stopped traveling.

I went to Kosovo to participate in an arts festival and I went to visit my friend, Angelita, in London.

Then, I put my nose to the grindstone and worked mad hours until January 2005 when I knew it was time to change directions.

I believe that 'considering options' should be a life skill taught to small children.

After thinking through several scenarios, I decided to quit my job and start a masters degree in discourse and argumentation studies at the University of Amsterdam.

If I were independently wealthy, I would have an entirely different set of options to consider.

Instead, I am creative and resourceful.

Therefore, it was about time to start urban camping again.

This would be my second urban camping trip! My first trip started in Rotterdam at the end of my marriage and my very first experiences with urban camping were in Chicago when I lived in a 'walk-in' closet.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Jen, - It's Sherry. I did a search in Yahoo for "urban camping" and your blog came up #13 on the list. Pretty funny!

Monday, 31 October, 2005  

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