10 August 2005

Setting Up Base Camp in the Global Village

About a decade after my first 'urban camping' experiences, I found myself in Rotterdam at the end of my marriage.

Did I want to stay in the Netherlands? Go back to Chicago? Somewhere else?

I needed to feel 'light and mobile' as I considered my options.

Recalling SARK's creative housesitting reminded me to think outside the box.

(It seems SARK also took vacations to a tropical place where she would sleep on lounge chairs by the pool when she couldn't afford a room at the hotel.)

I moved my belongings into my studio as Gail and Thaddeus said I could stay in their Rotterdam house while they were in Canada for 3 weeks.

Over the next 11 months, I would stay in 24 different places in the Netherlands, Portugal, Canada, USA, Brazil and Argentina before buying an apartment in Holland.

This would be my second of three urban camping experiences.

My first experiences with urban camping were in Chicago when I lived in a 'walk-in' closet.

My third urban camping venture started in Rotterdam when I wanted to change directions and I missed my nomadic lifestyle.

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