09 August 2005

Symbiotic Exchanges

S H A R E -- Y O U R -- P L A N E

While 'living outside my box' in Chicago, I discovered The International Association of Air Travel Couriers.

As a courier, I flew to London for just a couple hundred dollars.

The courier company bought the ticket and sold me back the seat.

I would travel with carry-on luggage only and they would use my luggage space for 2 reasons:
  • It's often cheaper for a courier company to have a person check freight through as luggage than it is for them to ship freight as air cargo.

  • Shipping material as luggage also helps it clear customs quicker, whereas 'cargo' often sits in customs for days.
It's a great 'symbiotic relationship'.

S H A R E -- Y O U R -- H O M E

During this same time period, I also came across a book by SARK called A Creative Companion. On page 24 she talks about how she once put an ad in the paper that said, "incredible housesitter seeks incredible house."

Within days she had a 4 bedroom mansion on Russian Hill in San Francisco where she lived rent free for 2 years.

The owners were moving out of state and wanted someone to occupy it until it sold.

I'd come across another great 'symbiotic relationship'.

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