04 April 2006

February Urban Camping Spots

My friends Gail and Thaddeus have an apartment in Amsterdam.

When you come out of their apartment and go up one flight of stairs, they also have a small room, a sort of storage room with two windows, a sink, a mattress, a table and four chairs.

They offered to let me stay there two nights a week so that I can more easily manage my schedule this semester, which includes classes on Wednesday, Thursday (10:00 am), and Friday (9:00 am).

On Thursday and Friday mornings, I can come downstairs and use the shower in their apartment before going to school.

So, February's urban camping spots were as follows: I stayed 7 nights in the storage room. I spent 1 night each at the houses of friends Emma and Johan. I spent 12 nights working and camping in my studio and 10 nights staying over at Carol's house.

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