15 August 2005

Vulnerable and Resilient

After Gail's and Thaddeus's house, I occupied Caroline's house across town while she was in Mexico for 2 weeks.

Then, I spent a very full 4 weeks in my atelier.

During that month I took a 2-day trip to Tilburg to run a video camera in an art performance piece; I spent 3 days with my friend Kate at a farmhouse in Drente; and I took a 48-hour trip to a Toronto business school convention as cross-training in the marketing communications office for which I worked.

I read 2 news stories while in Toronto.

The Toronto Star's article broke my heart: "Tent City Folds: Squatters Forced Out of Ramschackle Homes."

CNN's article reminded me that humans are resourceful and resilient: "Man Rescued After 4 Months at Sea."

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