27 March 2006

Urban Camper Down

Two weeks ago, my classmate, Gino, went to Barcelona for a weekend.

After his return from two days in the warm sunny atmosphere, it took him over a week to re-acclimate to his student routine in the cold grey Dutch winter.

I went to Brazil for over two weeks in January and it seems that it's taken me six weeks to get back into the swing of things.

Maybe there's some kind of formula that applies to people who travel to drastically warmer climates, something like, 1 day of 'swimming in summer' = 2 or 3 days of 'struggling to keep your head above winter' when you return.

I just couldn't find my rhythm for the new semester (a process not helped by teachers changing classrooms and making reading material difficult to find).

It also snowed a lot and I got sick.

Anyway, the bottom line of my whining is that this month, I caved (no urban camping pun intended).

When Carol's roommate moved out, I moved in with the offer to pay half of the living expenses for one month.

It feels like I've moved from six weeks of 'lack of routine' to four weeks of 'lap of luxury'.

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