07 July 2006

Alternative Lodgings

Where do people find you?

How much of your address is actual and how much is virtual?

How many shared spaces do you need?

How many private places do you inhabit?

Where do you invite people in? Where do you keep people out?

Do you have a habitat? Is it where you keep your things? Is it where you sleep?

Is it where you live? Who lives with you?

Do you have a home or a home base? Do you feel at home anywhere?

What is the shape of your shelter?
Apartment? Bungalow? Cabin? Castle? Condo? Cottage? Dormitory? Farm? Flat? Hut? Manor? Mansion? Palace? Shanty? Trailer? Villa?
Is it the shape of your oasis?

Does it cost you?

Are you a citizen of the world? Are you sheltered?

Could you stay there? For how long?

Do you have a room of your own? A room with a view?

Do you have room to move?

What are the alternatives? Do you have options?
Go Nomad List -- Cedar Creek Tree House -- Forest Fire Lookouts -- Hotel Sidi Driss -- Ice Hotel -- Jules Undersea Lodge -- Kokopelli Cave Hotel -- Royal Tents of Rajasthan -- Sleeping in Airports -- Squatting -- Jail Cells
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