07 June 2006

No Movement

The school year has come to an end and I feel a huge void as I no longer see my classmates in our natural habitat.

Our schedule is finished. No more routine on that front.

Although my current house-sitting gig is also coming to an end, I've been stationed there for several weeks, so movement in that area of my life has, for the moment, stopped as well.

There is suddenly a lot of silence.

There is no pace. There is no travel.

Soon, the urban camping adventure will be over and I will settle into a new routine.

I feel like I've been around the world without going very far from home.

I've traveled through new ideas in my studies.

I've found myself in unexpected conversations with people I didn't know at this time last year.

By seeing new angles, I've been reminded of what is important to me.

I feel refreshed and tired at the same time.

There is peace and rest. There is also restlessness.

Half of me wants to keep exploring new things, running through the world with my arms wide open.

Half of me wants to 'go home' and focus on familiar people and places, tuning out any distractions.

Now I need to find the balance.

At the core of it all is the desire to build something.

I know that creativity is impossible without taking time and risks to get out and explore the new, but I am starting to crave a focus on the familiar so that I can find back the old places, places where I want the building to occur.

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