06 April 2006

One Year Off

When I spent the weekend in Haarlem at my friend Maggie's house, I noticed a book on her shelf called, One Year Off: Leaving It All Behind for a Round-the-World Journey with Our Children.

Their one-year journey makes my one-year journey seem like a cake walk!

Maggie said the author, David Elliot Cohen, and his wife:
  • quit their jobs
  • sold their house and belongings
  • took their kids out of school
  • traveled around the world for a year
  • came back to their home town
  • landed new jobs
  • bought a new house and new belongings
  • and put their kids back in school
Can you imagine doing that?

I love this quote from the beginning of his book, "Disengaging from your normal routine and establishing an entirely new way of life is a full-time job for months on end."


Other posts about get-out-of-your-box books:
  • Just one word: Walden.

  • If you travel as a tourist you risk being quarantined in the bus and quarantined in the hotel. Don't follow the formula. Try Lonely Planet's Experimental Travel.

  • The Urban Camping book tells the story of how the Tombrowski family "got-out-of-their-car." They've walked everywhere since 1998 when they sold their vehicle.

  • The Art of Travel is a collection of nine essays divided into five categories, "Departure," "Motives," "Landscape," "Art," and "Return." Apparently difficult to read, but I love the categories.

  • Dan Ho went from being a homeless nine-year-old in Guam, as a result of a typhoon, to being a successful Michigan restaurant owner who built a big Prairie School style house, to selling the house and reducing his possessions down to 55 belongings. He wrote a book called Rescue from Domestic Perfection.

  • Finding the Open Road: A Guide to Self Construction Rather Than Mass Production is a book written by young college grads who sought individuality in their career paths. They interviewed a lot of famous people. Their work has become a student movement in the USA as well as a documentary series.
So, do nomads have books? Or do they just get books deals?

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Anonymous Lisa Lubin said...

Hola Jennifer! "One Year Off" was the book that pushed me over the edge to chuck it all and travel around the world for a year! I'm actually in my 13th month and hope to keep going!
I love your blog and just got started on it...you can see me at www.LLworldtour.com.
Way to go!

Saturday, 03 November, 2007  

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