13 February 2006

Non-formulaic Travel

Having just returned from my fourth trip to Brazil, my mind keeps coming back to the addictive practice of traveling.

I am reminded of another (unread) book on my list called Lonely Planet Guide To Experimental Travel.

I love non-formulaic approaches to life.

For me, this book is in the same camp as the alternative hotels I'd heard about.

Experimental travel is called "playful" and "pleasingly vague." The book lays out 40 different forms.

For example, during Aesthetic Travel, travelers record their journey artistically by, for instance, photographing the fire station in every new town they visit or writing a poem in every main square.

Or, you could travel via Trip Poker where four people roll the dice, and the winner gets to choose the destination; the loser pays for the weekend.

The editorial review says, "If nothing else, their unusual book reminds us of the joy of discovery."

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