22 July 2006

Life Hired a Thousand Tour Guides

Some people choose to urban camp. There are nomadic urges. The globe can be navigated by networks and resources outside the tourist track.

Using a TV to watch and listen is not the same as real-life contact with the people and places of the world.

Shifting points of view is an active form of channel surfing. The experience might be addictive. It might be a source of innovation.

Using other people's stories to refresh our viewing points can allow for 'open source' development in our lives.

Some people do not choose to urban camp. There are homeless people. There are survivors.

People often need less than is realized. How much is enough? How much can we share?

Some people do not choose to urban camp. People have homes and things and boundaries.

The difference between living and surviving can be a matter of comfort. It can also be a matter of engagement.

Routines can block the view.

We all need shelter. We all need room. These take many forms.

In every case, you need a place to sleep at night, but it is not necessarily where you LIVE.

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Blogger EmailHosting.com said...

I say that you should try to live in as many places as you possibly can to enjoy the differences in this world. Never limit yourself to one place.

Monday, 24 July, 2006  

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