16 August 2005

Urban Campers: Ulay & Abramovic

During the month in my studio, I came across a page I'd originally Xeroxed from a book on artists Ulay & Abramovic for an artists' discussion group dealing with the topic of vulnerability and aggression.

The page explained that the artists' Art Vital motto included "no fixed living place," "permanent movement" and "mobile energy."

For them, this involved living in their van for years, traveling around Europe like nomads.

Abramovic described the experience, "I am completely open to everything which happens .... Routine is built up like walls around our sensitivity; travel is a good means of tearing down these walls again and again .... It is precisely this vulnerability which makes one so awake."

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Blogger koen said...

Never travelled like a nomad but agree that travelling makes me see more. I lived in Tel Aviv for a while and the memory of the first weeks is so different of al the weeks and visits after that. Same when I visited New York. Love this intense feeling of being alive. Maybe this urban camping isn't a bad idea at all. Will ask Shirley what she thinks about it ;)

Tuesday, 16 August, 2005  
Blogger Jennifer Metz said...

Even urban camping in your home town gives you new perspective. Next week I'm taking Marci 'urban camping' with me at Colleen's house while she's out of town. Let me know if you and Shirley ever want to experience urban camping!

Wednesday, 17 August, 2005  

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