12 March 2006

Movies on the One Device

An email just arrived to let me know that Amazon is working on something I really want.

Abbey Klaassen wrote a 10 March 2006 article titled, "Amazon in Talks to Set Up Movie Download Service: After Music and TV Shows, Movies Are Next Frontier for Digital Content".

Whenever I'm out in the urban jungle and a movie I haven't seen pops up in conversation, I want to be able to pull out my little laptop or 'one device' from my nomad pack and use free worldwide WiFi to download it from a movie library service.

I have no interest in owning a TV.

I prefer to get my content from the Internet.

I would pay for a service that would allow me access to high quality downloads of every movie ever made.

The film critics from the New York Times made a list of the 1,000 best movies ever made.

I want to watch every single one of them.

One of my favorite films from the Rotterdam Film Festival was Noi Albinoi.

I want to be able to download it and show it to all of my friends.

My friend, Luisa, loves Paper Moon.

An old acquaintance in a discussion group told me to see Logan's Run.

A former colleague told me to see Roman Holiday.

My friend, Aden, loves The Hairdressers Husband.

Hurry up Amazon!

I've got a lot of movies to see!

Make it easy for me.

I don't even mind if a movie takes a couple of hours to download.

It's still quicker than waiting for the next Netflix (or the Dutch version, MovieMile) DVD to arrive in my mailbox.

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