21 September 2005

New Urban Camping Motto

My new urban camping motto deals with the practice of mobility, simplicity and perspective.


I want to 'get-up-and-go' in the global village.

That means more than having room for spontaneity.

I want to navigate over to your vantage point and see what the world looks like from there, but I can't move if I'm tied down to my stuff.


My real needs and wants are fewer than they sometimes seem.

I believe 'accumulation' is about as inevitable as death and taxes.

I am constantly pruning back the attention-stealing stuff to give space to the useful and meaningful things in my life.


Is the world getting smaller? Or is MY WORLD getting smaller?

How many viewpoints have I seen so far?

I can only consider options by realizing how multi-faceted life is.

I don't believe in polarization.

I beg to differ with 'the road less traveled' because I think we can choose from a million billion different roads.

It's only when I 'get out of the woods' that I remember to look for multiple angles.

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