30 August 2005

To TV Or Not To TV

When returning to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, I urban camped in 3 places before moving to the bottom floor of Kate and Adriaan's house while they were in America for 6 months.

(#1: Dory and Kees let me stay 3 days with them. Since I was practicing "non-accumulation," I gave them everything from the Christmas package my employer had given me.

#2: I moved into Frans' and Phia's Rotterdam apartment for 2 weeks while they were in France.

#3: I stayed over at Rose's house for New Year's Eve.)

Kate and Adriaan rented the top two floors out to a family while I lived in the ground floor.

Staying at Kate and Adriaan's house was the first time that I had no TV.

I have never had a TV since.

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