22 August 2005

Furniture For What Comes Next

Sitting in Gary's Bagel Shop, I saw a truck on the street.

I read the big letters printed on the side: "Haworth - furniture for what comes next."

Back in my studio, I assembled a compact, monochromatic, wrinkle-free, hand-washable wardrobe with interchangeable layers that could be worn in casual or fancy situations during summer or winter.

I had very few items of clothing, but each was a favorite piece that I 'loved' wearing.

I tried to buy high quality so it wouldn't wear out too fast, but when it did, I 'traded it out' for a new piece.

I put it in a small Karrimor (airport 70L) suitcase that could be rolled on wheels or made into a backpack.

I loaded a day-pack (nomad pack) with small versions of kitchen, office, bathroom and bedroom supplies.

I purchased a small sleeping bag and air mattress.

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