24 August 2005

Where do you live?

I was house-sitting Nienke's Rotterdam apartment while she was in Australia for 1 month.

As I walked up to her door, two young neighborhood girls, whom I had never met, jumped up and down as they giggled and repeatedly asked me, "Where do you live? Where do you live? Where do you live?"

I had no idea how to answer that question so I just ignored them.

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Anonymous Amanda said...

so there are others like me. I want to email you , but cannot locate your email on this site. Iw ill do a google search. But there are other s like me. many. I honestly didn't know. I am now in Paris housesitting. I left Portland, Oregon last september for a three month trip with not much money and a lot of trepidation. now I have been traveling for over a year and made new families and communities all over from the Acores where I lived for four months to the Sahara desert. I now have homes. I am a writer, a poet working on several projects. I didn't realize until I saw "The List" how many other writers live like this. It has been challenging in some ways to work on the go in new homes constantly and balance that with really engaging. When people ask me as they do often and did the other night at a soiree. "Are you working? on vacation? a student?" I just laugh and say, "um no not really. um I am sort of a gypsy, a wanderer, a nomad, a poet." and you know they often say, "oh. okay"

my email is trafficlotus@gmail.com

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