25 October 2005

The Nomad Pack

I created the nomad pack for my most mobile of times; however, variations of it still accompany me even when I'm not being very nomadic.

I want to feel at home wherever I go, so my small Kipling purse/backpack contains a tiny bit of anything I might need while exploring the urban jungle.

When friends need a tissue or an aspirin, I'm like a supermom. Or when I pull out my pocketknife or city map, I'm more like a big girlscout.

The nomad pack symbolizes my ideal of being truly mobile.

I want to be able to just get-up-and-go with my turtle shell. So, it's no surprise that I had another 'I found my people' experience when I discovered Doug Dyment's One Bag site where the opening page reads:
How to Travel Pretty Much Anywhere - for an Indefinite Length of Time - with a Single (Carryon-Sized) Bag.
Curious about the contents of Dyment's turtle shell?

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