30 October 2005

September Urban Camping Spots

September's urban camping spots started with my friends from the cool summer house emailing to ask if I wanted to urban camp at their place while they were in Dublin for the first 4 days of September.

Then I started staying with the couch surfers.

I have class in Amsterdam on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (and Fridays), so it's convenient to stay in the city on Tuesday nights.

The first Tuesday of the month I urban camped in Amsterdam with couch surfer Antony; the second Tuesday with couch surfer Koert; the third with couch surfer Roy; and the fourth with classmate Mei.

I stayed over at Carol's house a few times and urban camped at her house when she went to London for a long weekend.

My friend, Bill, has moved to the center of Rotterdam so it was nice to camp/crash at his place twice instead of going all the way to the other side of town where I was working and camping in my studio during the rest of the month.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jen -
Thinking about you. I've decided the Urban Camping lifestyle is even more demanding, and just about as rewarding, as that lived by my friend Kelsang Jindak (used to be Diane) who is now a Buddhist Monk, living in a converted funeral home (they turned the embalming room, with its abundance of running water, into the kitchen!).
So - as usual, in admiration ofyou. And...at www.thinkgeek.com, saw the perfect Tshirt for you: 'Im'gonna blog this' it says. Quite a threat.

Thanks for living a life of dedication so the rest of us can stay stuck to the TV, the garden, and the same old place.

PS - why on earth would you feel guilty about not having anything of sentiment with you?


Tuesday, 01 November, 2005  

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