20 February 2006

Barter Tax

The IRS acknowledges the growing use of barter:
"The Internet has provided a medium for new growth in the bartering exchange industry.

This growth prompts the following reminder: Barter exchanges are required to file Form 1099–B for all transactions unless certain exceptions are met.

Refer to Barter Exchanges for additional information on this subject."
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jen -
the chicken-for-airtime barter is a great story.
Meanwhile, I wonder how your concept for developing an awareness in other 'reasoners' that vertical reasoning may be limiting (Vertical Limit?)- sorry, I've forgotten the more chaos-oriented method you'd like to introduce - is going?
Sadly when you were at the house, it was late and I wasn't in nearly the energetic mood for discourse that you were!
Let me know....and teh name of the guy you kept referencing...

Monday, 20 February, 2006  
Blogger Jennifer Metz said...

Hi Lesa,

Edward de Bono was the guy/author I kept referencing. He writes about 'lateral thinking'.

My 'plan' for getting others to consider alternative viewpoints is still unfocused :) at the moment ...

Sunday, 26 March, 2006  

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