24 May 2006

Which Version

A version is a description or account from one point of view, especially as opposed to another.

I saw The Da Vinci Code on Friday. The film version is slightly different than the book version.

In the book, she finds her brother at the end of the film and the man who was supposedly her grandfather, really is her grandfather.

We were trying to figure out why the changes occurred between the different tellings of the story.

One of the friends in our movie group, Mika, recently gave a presentation at our research colloquium on how Matthew's account of the gospel differs from John's account of the gospel.

Our friend argued that Matthew made use of literary devices in his version that consistently convey the authority aspect of Christ's persona, while John made different choices to describe events.

As our movie group had dinner after the film, I told Mika that it would be a fun artistic device, or trend, if stories were always told in different versions, not just two versions (e.g. book vs. movie), but maybe a minimum of four versions (e.g. the gospels).

I was thinking of many things.

Since the movie and Mika's research were both of a religious nature, my mind went to how many different paintings I had seen of the Apocryphal Judith with Holofernes's head. (versions: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.)

I was also thinking of the Lomo camera that my friend, Adi, told me about years ago.

It has four lenses so when you aim at your subject, you never end up with one photo of that moment.

When you take your shot, you always end up with four sequential frames in your picture.

I was thinking about the Geisha Movie installation that I made a few years back.

During the second weekend of the showing, I invited an opera singer, storyteller, comedian and performance artist to use their own medium to improvise on the subject matter of the installation.

Maybe we could have something called 'version art'.

Wait, let me Google that ... nope, no trace of it on Google ... still room for it to become a trend or movement ...

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