03 August 2005

What Is Urban Camping?

I can't coin the term ... it's already out there ... Google and you'll find plenty of 'urban camping'.

For instance, in June, some guys named Zach, Paul, and Amit practiced their version of urban camping by pitching tents in Times Square.

I've never set up a tent in the city.

My 'brand' of urban camping started when I lived in a studio apartment that was so small I told people I lived in a walk-in closet behind the Hancock building in Chicago.

The truth is, I only slept there. I 'lived' in the neighborhood.

When friends visited, we swam in the roof-top pool of the hotel across the street (read this).

We sat and chatted in the lobbies of fancier hotels.

We walked 2 minutes to the beach or the theater and 20 minutes to Second City.

We were surrounded by a landscape of restaurants and cafes.

My first experience with urban camping was the realization that you need a place to sleep at night, but it is not necessarily where you LIVE.

A great city invites you to come out and play, to think and live outside of your 'box'.

Over the years, my urban camping philosophy and interests would evolve from this experience into two urban camping trips.

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