23 August 2005

Be Careful What You Carry

When I bought my KARRIMOR rolling suitcase (that transforms into a backpack), I came across a newsletter that reminded me to CARRY LESS.

The September 2002 Simsara newsletter on Vipassana meditation had what seemed like the transcript of a speech given in 2001 by Ven. Mettavihari.

I am not familiar with and do not fully understand the subject, but, a few passages resonated with my desire to streamline my life.

The 'article' discussed an 'attentiveness' that reminded me of how Abramovic felt so 'awake' after breaking down 'walls of routine'.

Passages from the article:

"When one way or another you carry it, then you're not free. We carry a lot in our life, therefore we practise this practice of intensive care. Care for your mindfulness and motivation. You only have to care for your mindfulness, not to carry it. If you carry mindfulness it's a bigger burden even.

"...I want to repeat again, that if you carry mindfulness it's wrong. Mindfulness is attentiveness of your being. It's a constant attentiveness. It's not something like a stone or wood or like things that you must carry, but attentiveness only."
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