20 August 2005

My Re-occurring Dream

Believe it or not, my one re-occurring dream has to do with houses. I thought about it during the 4 weeks in my studio.

When I was five-years-old, my family moved to a new house. The dream started on the first night in the new house when I dreamed of a secret door in my closet that led to a secret room.

Ever since, the dream has evolved into an endless exploration of huge asymmetrical hotels, condominiums, apartment buildings, mansions, etc., each with an endless number of rooms, hallways and staircases.

Every place is unique. Sometimes I step out onto a balcony only to find myself overlooking another room.

Sometimes I wander a hallway that widens at one point to become a room with furniture and narrows again into another hallway.

Often I sense there are other people living in those rooms. Once in awhile I end up talking to someone along the way.

And always without fail, every dream has more corners than I can possibly look around in one night's sleep.

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Anonymous Bernd said...

In response to this entry, kunnen we elkaar de hand schudden. I have similar dreams but from a complete different angle. The rooms in houses and buildings are all familiar and from places I've once visited or lived in the past. I'm sure I've revisited every single one of them at least once over all these years dreaming. In most of the dreams I'm looking for the bathroom. (you may laugh :-) ) Hahahah I know it is sad, but it is because I actually have to go and so in my dreams I have to go too. Which is also the reason why I remember those dreams because it doesn't take long for me to wake afterwards. The funny thing is that often in those rooms from the past there are also people I know from the past. The houses I lived in as a kid are also very big as I knew them when I was a kid. (in fact the houses weren't that big, but as a kid everything is so much larger)

Monday, 22 August, 2005  
Blogger Jennifer Metz said...

That's funny! (... and practical.)

Whenever I remember having a variation of the house dream, it's always accompanied by a very positive feeling (except for the one house dream where I had to carry around a lot of boxes).

My interpretation is that the dream parallels my 'explorer' approach to life ... and that I feel relatively safe or 'sheltered' while I keep checking things out ...

One bizarre variation of this dream was when the house had an extension that moved. The house was up on a hill and I went down to the center of town by getting into the move-able 'pod' attached to the main house by a sort of robotic arm.

What I also like in the dreams is that most of the places are really asymmetrical ... so I cannot expect to know the layout based on what I've seen so far of the house.

Now that I've talked about it so much, I'll probably never have the house dream again!

Tuesday, 23 August, 2005  

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