14 June 2006

Loose Ends

A few thoughts on recent posts:
  • Thinking more about the "buildings are temporary" reminded me of Andrew Postman's article on why we accumulate things.

    His conclusion: We are not our stuff. (So, can I say, "We are not the buildings? We are the way we build.")

  • I went back to check Rachel Naomi Remen's conclusion on "attachment vs. commitment."

    She says that they may both feel constricting, but the way you tell the difference between the two in your life is that attachment leads to entrapment while commitment leads to freedom.

  • My friend, Frank, wrote me after my "no movement" post:
    While you've been 'running through the world with your arms wide open', nice sentence, I have hardly looked over the fence of our little village on the riverside.

    Suddenly I feel poor inside my mind for not having traveled and 'pressure-cooked developed' as you must have....

    But on my rooted feet, no movement, there is this body with arms wide open and round my rooted feet some nice things are starting to blossom.

    I'd like to show you some time soon.

  • And my Mom gave her viewpoint: "The expression 'Hang in There' just means be patient."
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