24 November 2006

Open Sourcing My Life

Under the CouchSurfing profile section called "Music, Movies, Books," I wrote:
Love reading creative non-fiction, am a sucker for 'based on a true story' movies ... for some reason that I don't fully understand, I'm almost a moron when it comes to music ...
I am a 'visual-ite' not an 'auditory-type'. I notice visual details and completely miss sounds. I discovered my deficiency when dating a noticably auditory-type.

As soon as a movie finished, he'd say, "I have to get that soundtrack," while I sat there stunned by the realization that I couldn't remember a single song that we'd just heard.

We'd walk through a store and he'd say, "I love this song." But I literally didn't even HEAR music until he pointed it out.

During the past summer, I decided that this will be my year of musical growth. It is pathetic. I will put it off no longer.

I will apply to music everything I've ever learned about achieving as many viewing points as possible (while proofreading this post, I see I've used visual terminology for an auditory subject ... sigh).

So, when Iain, the first CouchSurfer, said, "Is it always so quiet here?" I said, "Well, actually, I think the neighbors are often quite loud."

He said, "No, I mean, do you not play music?" I explained my deficiency and he said, "Well, let's see if I have something here you might like."

I realized then that I was going to open source my musical development, share my limited musical source code to be freely modified by everyone.

I explain this to every CouchSurfer who shares my space.

Ashley, my sixth CouchSurfer, very kindly furthered the cause by giving me a Coldplay CD (A Rush of Blood to the Head) and pointing me to KT Tunstall's Black Horse And The Cherry Tree on YouTube:

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