06 September 2005

The End of the ''24 Places in 11 Months''

During my 6 months at Kate's house, I stayed 1 night at the Rotterdam house of my friends Joron and Adi.

I spent 3 nights at the Maastricht rental apartment while doing an art gig with friends at the Cement Festival.

(I spent 1 night at Else's house because I missed the last train back to Rotterdam after the Cement Festival.)

I spent 3 nights at the Buenos Aires Hilton Hotel and 3 nights at the Sao Paulo Renaissance Hotel while attending a business school convention as cross-training in the marketing communications office for which I worked.

Then, I spent 2 weeks at a sports complex in Porto while doing an art gig at the Trans_Hábitos Art Festival (and 1 night at a house party in Porto because we didn't leave before the sun came up).

As my "24 places in 11 months" venture was coming to a close, I was feeling ready to aquire a more permanent "base."

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