13 April 2006

Our Walden

The article mentioned one of the parts of urban camping that I most enjoy, my "uncluttered life."

Part of the motto for this urban camping journey is simplification.

When I saw the Live Simple site by John December, I had another one of those "my people" experiences.

(Just a note to Mary, who emailed me with concern after my last blog post on freeganism.

No, I'm not living in the dumpster behind Loos cafe.

Dumpster divers aren't my people at this point.

I was simply amazed that someone could live for five years without buying food.)

December says that the site is his e-book, his Walden.

You can download a free copy of Walden from www.gutenberg.org.

If you have a copy of Walden and you'd like to share it, you can launch it via Book Crossing.

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